kellidunham (kellidunham) wrote in new__yorker,

Gayety Now With 30 Percent More Cross Dressing!

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your tux! It's formal GAYETY! This Saturday, April 25 at 9.30 PM

Comedy Just Like Your Mom Made, If Your Mom Was Really Really Gay...

With special guests:

Glenn Marla, the fiercest downtown performance artist ever to don tights and multiple foundation garments as well as New York City's hottest fat go-go boy and a beauty pageant queen (Miss L.E.S. 2006).

Kick ass spoken word artist Cheryl B: "her prose/free verse poetry is often so explicit and frank that they prompt a belly-laugh one moment, a wounded gasp the next." -- The Wolf

As always:
Kelli Dunham, everyone's favorite ex-nun dorky comic. In keeping with the theme Kelli will be wearing her best party dress and sharing the curtsy technique she learned at White Gloves and Party Manners classes in the beet/beef land of her Wisconsin boihood.

Bevin Brandlandingham, glitterqueen fabulous femcee (even when injured) and producer, Femmecast.


FREE BROWNIES! Kelli will be workshopping her Big Bad Butch Brownie flavors (five so far, including bacon) in preparation for their debut at the Celebration of Butch Voices so come prepared to laugh and eat chocolate. Life just doesn't get any better than that, dude.

Still only seven bucks. Gayety happens at the sensation that is Re/Dress 109 Boreum Place, Bergen Street stop on the F/G train. Background info (although not information about the latest show) about Gayety is available here.
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