Emily Gordon (emdashesem) wrote in new__yorker,
Emily Gordon

Send in questions to the New Yorker librarians!

So the NYer's super-smart and nice senior librarians, Jon Michaud and Erin Overbey, are answering readers' questions on my blog, Emdashes.com. Here's their latest column, posted last week: http://emdashes.blogspot.com/2006/08/ask-librarians-ii.html. It's a good one; I think they had a lot of fun researching it. Erin writes about now-former New Yorker departments like "When New York Was Really Wicked," and "A Reporter in Bed" and the former rowing and speakeasy columns, plus the evolution of the elusive table of contents. Jon covers, among other things, the countries around the world with only one subscriber to the magazine. I hope you like it! I'd love to see your questions about the magazine past, present, and future...anything goes! If you want me to forward along your question, just email me at askthelibrarians@gmail.com. Thanks a lot!
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